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hooray characters!

Here are the characters that frequent the world of HoorayToons! As more characters appear in the web comic, their profiles will be added below.

MARK LOVEN is in his late 20s. He is a writer for his day job, but likes to draw as a hobby.

He loves football, action movies, pizza, and Jesus.

He puts ketchup on pretty much everything.

He cannot cook.

He recently got married to the woman with whom he has been hopelessly in love since their college days: Terri Autumn.

TERRI  (AUTUMN) LOVEN is in her late 20s. She teaches the local elementary school for a living.

She loves girly movies, eating healthy, reality TV, laughing, and Jesus.

She can cook, at least better than her husband.

She is known for being incredibly, endearingly, but not annoyingly, cheerful. Her favorite word is “hooray!”

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