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Christmas 2017


christmas 2015 web

a Christmas toon

Merry Christmas from HoorayToons!

Christmas2013 for web

we the hooraytoons

we the hooraytoons web

Happy Fourth of July from HoorayToons!

You may notice that this particular HTOON looks a tad different from previous ones. I recently decided to give my little cartoon a more newspaper-like look and feel. This makes for a simpler, more complete-looking final product. And honestly, and surprisingly to me, it’s way easier and more fun to do it this way. So they’re all going to look like this in the future. Hope you like it!

hooray Easter!

A special follow-up to the Good Friday HTOON.

easter sunday 1 web

easter sunday 2 web

easter sunday 3 web

easter sunday 4 web

easter sunday 5 web

Happy Easter from HoorayToons!

Good Friday

Catholics have a tradition of not eating meat on Fridays during Lent, particularly on Good Friday. Terri Lovegren and her husband Mark are Catholic. But in addition to being Catholic, Mark can also be quite forgetful.

good friday 1 web

good friday 2 web

good friday 3 web

good friday 4 web

good friday 5 web

good friday 6 web

good friday 7 web

hooray valentine

Mark’s ability to crash and burn is uncanny, even (and especially) on the most romantic holiday of the year.

valentine 1 for web

valentine 2 for web

valentine 3 for web

valentine 4 for web

valentine 5 for web

Happy Valentine’s Day!

mark’s resolution

Happy 2013 from HoorayToons!

Christmas lights

Mark Lovegren has always dreamed of decorating his own home with Christmas lights. Finally, this year is his chance. But … he hasn’t quite thought it through all the way.

Merry Christmas from HoorayToons!

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